About Us

We want to make traffic control and traffic management courses affordable and give you the best chance to succeed in this industry with the best training available.

We want to train and educate as many involved in traffic management as we can to show the safest and most compliant way to implement traffic management. We not only want to show how to implement but why. Our goal is to help traffic controllers and those implementing traffic management to become traffic managers, one person and one company at a time.

With years of collective traffic management experience, offering training accreditation courses and traffic management services to clients, creating plans, auditing roadworks sites for entities such as Main Roads WA, Local Government, traffic management companies and private contractors our aim is to become the best traffic management trainers in Australia. 

Perth Traffic Training are passionate about delivering the best training available and putting WA at the forefront of Australian traffic management.

For most people, roads are for getting from A to B. For us, they’re our A to Z ­– and everything in between. Behind every road network or construction zone is a tightly engineered traffic management system that directs, controls and supervises vehicle and pedestrian traffic and we take this role seriously. 

After several years in the traffic industry we became increasingly concerned about the poor knowledge, complacency and culture of the environment in traffic management. WA worksite workers had a lack of accountability that was, frankly, alarming. So we decided to change things up. 

Since then, we’ve been on a single-minded mission to create a premium hub for traffic control consulting, courses and services. Arming ourselves with the resources to deliver the best accreditation training around, we help businesses create safe and compliant workplaces in traffic management. Perth Traffic Training is the result of our passion. 

We’re some of the most experienced traffic management specialists in the country, and offer a premium – yet affordable – traffic control course. Perth Traffic Training isn’t just about educating, we step outside of the classroom and onto the roads every day as trusted auditors for a number of entities. This gives us continual hands-on experience and keeps us aware of changing compliance needs.  

Perth Traffic Training personnel are accredited in Advanced Worksite Traffic Management, Training and Assessing, Roadworks Auditing, Risk Assessing and Accreditation Course Training. We’ve also forged alliances in HR, Training, Business Development and Consulting. 

We have an extensive portfolio of clients, including

  • Advanced Traffic Management
  • Atco Gas,
  • Veris Australia,
  • Peak Traffic,
  • Lend Lease,
  • Boral,
  • Jag Traffic,
  • Drainflow Services,
  • Evolution Traffic,
  • Vigilant Traffic,
  • Beaver Tree Services,
  • Beaver Traffic Management,
  • QTM,
  • Curtin University,
  • U,W.A,
  • Perth Airport Pty Ltd,
  • Greensteam Australia,
  • City of Mandurah,
  • Carringtons Traffic Services,
  • Pulse Locating,
  • Gecko Contracting,
  • Robb Carr,
  • All Over Traffic Management,
  • Direct Traffic Management,
  • Diamond Underground Services
  • GMR Enterprises
  • LD Total
  • Complete Traffic
  • Prime Traffic
  • APM Employment
  • Status 
  • At Work Australia
  • ESG/Matchworks
  • Max Employment
  • Konekt Employment
  • Dept of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
  • Highways Traffic,
  • Overwatch Traffic
  • Baba Marda Traffic Services
  • Shire of Victoria Plains
  • PAR Traffic Solutions
  • Kwik Logistics
  • Advanteering Engineering
  • Dizza Group
  • Programmed
  • Interflow
  • Workforce Road Services
  • Logsys

and more! And our clients love us. Don’t believe us? Take their word for it and read our testimonials