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Contact us to enrol or discover more about our top class traffic control courses and Roadworks Traffic Management Auditing. Whether you are just starting with a BWTM/TC (Basic Worksite Traffic Management)/(Traffic Controller) accreditation course, need a Refresher course or just need a BWTM (Basic Worksite Traffic Management) course to accredit you to erect traffic management signage you can be assured you are learning from the best!

As Roadworks Traffic Management Auditors with traffic management site interaction on a regular basis. We deliver our traffic control courses and auditingĀ in a positive and interactive way to give those we teach and educate the best possible opportunity to gain and improve their knowledge to an exceptional level where they have the utmost confidence in implementing traffic management worksites compliantly and safely.

But we don't just offer the entry level BWTM/TC (Basic Worksite Traffic Management)/(Traffic Controller) accreditation course. Because of our experience we are the No.1 destination to obtain your WTM (Worksite Traffic Management) and AWTM (Advanced Worksite Traffic Management) accreditation.

Ever been on a site with a crew with Basic Worksite Traffic Management/Traffic Controller accreditation where changes to a plan were required to better suit the job location? Well, with one of your crew accredited in WTM (Worksite Traffic Management), following a site risk assessment, they can make any simple necessary changes to the plan onsite. No having to wait for someone to come to site to make changes to a plan just so that work can continue.

As well as traffic management course trainers and Roadworks Traffic Management Auditors we are also experienced in traffic management planning. With this experience we also deliver the AWTM (Advanced Worksite Traffic Management) for those who want to create traffic management plans for their worksites.

All this and much more is available from us here at Perth Traffic Training, your one stop shop for traffic control accreditation courses, workshop training and roadwork site auditing.