Online Added Learning Courses

These online traffic control courses are for those who want to learn more than the introductory three day Main Roads WA BWTM/TC course which gives you the basics, but is that enough to see you through three years before your next refresher? To make you a competent traffic controller and manager? Nope

With these courses you can learn such things as

  • Setting up a lane closure
  • Pedestrian management
  • Taper lengths
  • Setting up signs correctly
  • Stop/Slow
  • Traffic Controller's responsibilities
  • Communicating and Radio Use
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Incident reporting
  • Night works
  • Setting up a site without traffic controllers
  • What to look for and understanding a traffic management plan
  • TMA's
  • Risk Management
  • Traffic Management Records
  • Excavations and other hazards
  • Cone spacing
  • Children crossings
  • Traffic Control Diagrams and what they mean.
  • Traffic Management Plans - What you need to know
  • Signalised Intersections
  • Unsealed roads